Any Cyclist, tri's or MTn bike racers on this site

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What length?

A couple of things come to mind. you can shave overall time without any extra exertion by being organized in your transitions. Practice them. Lay out your clothes, shoes...for each transition befor they close the area. (My first sprint tri., I didn't think to have my running shoes untied. Probably cost me 45 seconds)

Practice getting off your cycle, changing shoes and running. it's amazing how heavy your legs feel the first mile or so.

good luck.:mug:
I did a triathlon a couple years ago. I have always been a pretty strong cyclist so that part was not very difficult for me, I really struggled with the swim. I only practiced indoors and thought I was set cause I could hammer out fast laps all day long. Well, open water swimming is quite different that in a pool...especially when there is hundreds of people swimming inches from you. There is no line to follow so you need to be able to keep yourself straight by looking up between strokes.

So if I were to give you one piece of advice I would say practice in the open water. But if you live near where it will be go ride and run the course a couple times so there is no surprises in the terrain. Have fun and good luck.
Im training for my first sprint tri as well. Im having a really hard time getting the breathing down in the swim. I just want to hold my breath!
I was a casual cycling racer for a couple of years out of high school and I loved it. I am just getting back into shape and hope to join my friend's adventure racing team in the spring on 2010.

No tips here, but good luck!