Any certified Cicerones on the board yet?

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I doubt it. I was interested in learning more until I saw the thing about required experience in the brewing industry (or substitute recommendations). That, right there, told me it was more of a commercial matter than a hobby matter. I don't have any problem with them making it a commercial matter, but I'm also not all that interested in it.

I am glad to see the program, though.

I took the "pre-quiz" and also got a 100% Was interested in doing the exam, but the price (ready any $) is tough on the grad student budget. Also, as Tx mentions, I don't really plan on taking anything commercial, and I really think the cicerone thing is going towards retailers.
Nice quiz. I got 9 out the 10. Fancy title & what not, but where's the value proposition for whoever obtains the title?

For the money, the BJCP exam covers most of the stuff except the commercial serving aspects.

Now, would it get someone more money on a job serving beer? If so, how much? Most folks have no idea what a certified beer snob is.

Perhaps we can come up with an HBT Certified EAC designation.......
I was one of the first to take it about a week or so ago, the exam wasn't that difficult, the two other levels aren't ready for testing yet. For the $50 it is just a bragging right to be involved in the program, but the usefullness of the certificate probably wont help the everyday homebrewer. Ray D. will do well with this idea, there is so much a need for beer education in the service world it isn't even funny.
I've been hearing about more high-end restaurants having what's essentially a beer-sommelier on staff (one helluva gig, I've got to imagine). Seems like this program fits in there.
I've passed the Certified Beer Server Exam and plan to take the Cicerone exam in the next 3 - 6 months.