Any All-Grain Barleywine Recipes?

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Mar 31, 2005
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Ashland, Ohio
Does anyone have a good all-grain Barleywine recipe they wouldn't mind sharing? I'm especially interested in the yeast you've used and how well it handled the high alcohol level during fermentation. Thanks.


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Well, I can't find the recipe for the Barleywine I made,but will say this, any yeast will do fine, as long as you use alot of it. I usually make a batch of ESB or Pale Ale and use the yeast slurry from the primary fermenter. This assures you of having alot of healthy yeast .
I always use wyeast 1056 or white labs equivalent. This stuff is good to 10+ given you pitch a healthy, plentiful yeast sample.
I wouldn't write home about my barley wine. But if you still want the recipe after that raving review, I'll be glad to share it.
I prefer to use the Belgian Ale yeast for all of my high gravity brews...they turn out great.

Be sure to pitch again with a wildly active pitch at bottling time if you want to do in bottle carbonation. You will need to wait up to 5 months for a decent natural carbonation.