Anvil Foundry flow control

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David Coy

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Sep 6, 2019
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South Sound
Buried in the huge Anvil foundry thread there is a one line instruction on replacing the flow-control clamp thingy. Read something like "Anvil re-circ pipe -> 1/2 compression fitting -> 1/2 ball valve -> 1/2 hose bard."

Thought I'd post this for a quick summary with current links.

1/2 inch compression fitting

1/2 inch ball valve

12 inch hose barb

Hope this is helpful and more easy to search for.

I'm excited to put this together, I find the tube clamp to be inconsistent and such a pain!
Thank you! It's a no-go for me at that price, but if I can find the parts cheaper at my hardware store or LHBS, I'll go for it. Thanks for the help.

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