Anvil foundry and grains from more beer

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May 9, 2017
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i have been using more beer to buy my grains already milled. I have been missing my numbers by a good bit lately. I really never get above 1.060. I have tried using all the tricks they recommend except the bag because I just don't want to do biab.

I'm curious on are there other brewers that use morebeer and a anvil foundry are you hitting your numbers with their grain?
Like others have said, milling your own will help... For what it's worth, I don't have an Anvil Foundary, but I do have a Brewzilla 3.1.1 and I get my milled grains exclusively from Morebeer, and I pretty much always hit my OG because I confirmed that my mash efficiency is around 62%. That is not great efficiency, but it works, because I can plug that number into the brewersfriend recipe calculator, and use a repeatable process.
Greetings, I use Morebeer for my grain purchases and have been close. I bought a mill, well in all honesty my wife bought it for me for a gift, and my first run was a bit low. But, I think my efficiency number needs to be adjusted a bit. I am going to work on that a bit and see where it goes. I have always had great luck with Morebeer for all my purchases. I am a BIAB so no idea about the Anvil. Although I would really love to get one when I get better. LOL.
Ya know that’s interesting 🤔

I got my anvil foundry 10.5g from MoreBeer and received a few pre-milled kits from them as a promo. I was getting mash efficiencies between 60 and 65% with their pre-milled kits. I was chalking it up to inexperience with my new system.

…since then, I’ve been doing batches with grain purchased from my local shop. I double mill all the grains, use a bag in the cylinder, and stir several times during the mash. Efficiencies have approached or exceeded 80% with this method.

They must be milling super conservative?
You could just order more grain and increase the amounts specified in the recipe if you want to keep getting your malts milled in advance. OG and FG is probably more important to keeping a beer true to its intended taste than the amounts of malts used. At least IMO. Though you do probably need to keep the ratio of each the same... to some extent depending on whether they are just for steeping or mashing reasons.

Your recipe needs to be adjusted for the OG you are getting. So if you need more OG to match your recipe, then you need to increase the amounts of the fermentables in it.

Very easy thing to do with beer recipe apps.

Even milling your own grain, if you use the recipes of others, you still might not get the same OG and other figures they did. So having a beer recipe app will let you adjust any new recipes you brew to match what your efficiencies are so you get closer to the same thing they did.
What app are you using for your recipes? I have the 10.5 gallon Anvil Foundry. And I adjusted my settings to match my climate and how my kettle operates. I hit all my numbers each time … changing your efficiency changes your OG and amount of grains required for each batch.
A: buy your own grain mill to get the crush you want/need

B: ask morebeer to double crush your grains

C: The Anvil Foundry has an inherent weakness in that the water between the mash basket and the kettle wall does not get pulled into the recirculation flow (assuming you use the recirculation option). The way Foundry users have bumped their mash efficiency, sometimes significantly, is to lift the basket at least twice during the mash. This reintroduces that "dead" water into the mash.

Buying your own mill however will be one of, if not the best investment you can make.
It’s definitely not scientific but my first batch was around 67% efficiency, since then I’ve been doing the “lift the basket a few times” trick and efficiency has been around 75% since

Maybe it was just a fluke on my first batch but it definitely isn’t hurting anything that I can tell. It does greatly increase flow through the grain bed by doing so (taking it out again after it fills up you’ll notice it drains much faster)