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Mar 16, 2005
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I'm another newbie to the forum.

I used to home brew a long time ago and decided I would get back into it. So we picked up all the equipment last night and started on our first batch of beer.

I'm hoping to get lots of helpful hints and tips on brewing and maybe once I get some confidence, start on some other recipes.
Welcome to the forums Angie!! Glad you're getting back into it. Ive been brewin for 3 and a half months and have learned alot from this group here. Enjoy......What did you brew for your first batch?
Thanks for the welcome.

We started with an IPA. Something we are familiar with. We will probably get a summer supply going first before we get into some other types of beer. I had a lot of success with wine before, so I will probably make some of that as well.

I didn't realize I could keg home brew, so I am going to try and find some more information on that.
Hi Angie,

Welcome to the forum. Kegging is easy, the initial investment depending on how you go can be pricey. I would suggest doing some searches on the web and then ask questions.