Another high FG issue

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Feb 5, 2008
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I posted this in the Dead Guy Clone Recipe thread & figured it won't get much attention there, so I decided to duplicate the thread here for more visibility. Sorry if that offends anyone.

Here's the issue.

The 10g Dead Guy Clone I made is at 1.026 after 3.5 weeks. I mashed at 158F per recipe guidelines. I had it in a 64F water bath for 3 weeks & witnessed vigorous fermentation not long after I pitched the Pacman yeast. OG was 1.066.

When I measured the gravity at 1.026 after 3 weeks, I stirred up the yeast in both carboys & put them in the house at 74F room temp. They have been at 74F for 5 days now & today I measured gravity again & it's still at 1.026.

However, I see a tiny bit of airlock activity, but this beer is in better bottles & I can't tell if that's from minor temp. swings in the house or not.

What do I do? How long do I wait before accepting that fermentation is complete & this will be a very malty sweet beer?

I need these carboys soon for dry hopping the LWPA batch. This is messing with my brew schedule.
With a 158F mash (given the possibility that you were off by 1F +/-), I think it's done. Personally, I would never go any higher than 156F and even there, I tread carefully. If you overshoot by a few degrees, the enzymes are working quickly.