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Jul 13, 2006
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I brewed my O'fest Ale July 14th. It's still bloody fermenting. Here's the times and temps. Think it will ever stop? I've had active fermentation throughout. Heh!

12 days primary at 62deg. OG: 1.063 (2 or 3 days of blow-off)
Racked to secondary and grav. was 1.022 Tasted great. (Near blow-off krausen)
15 days secondary at 62deg.
7 days in same secondary vessel at 68deg.

I moved it to a warmer spot since fermentation looked nearly completed and I wanted to warm it to bottling temps...little did I know.

Yeast was Wyeast 1007.

When I moved the secondary to a warmer spot a layer of krausen re-formed. It has since fallen, but bubbles of this and that on the top are still evident. Probably 1 bubble every 20sec w/ a S-curve airlock.

I did chance a sniff today and everything smells fine. I don't have a hydrometer at the moment so can't take a reading.

Any idea how much longer this could take? It's working on being +4wks now for a ferment. :confused: Think it should be racked to tertiary since I'm knocking on 3wks in the secondary container?

BeanPot Brewery

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Mar 20, 2006
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Strange...I will tell you that I had a stout do that to me once...just kept bubbling and bubbling...not hard, but just enough to let you know the yeasties were bellied up to the table.
I assumed it was infected, but couldn't really smell anything. Ended up bottling and it was fine, if I recall.
I did endeavor to drink them rather quickly bc I was fearful of the old exploding bottles.
Not sure what to tell you. Good luck.