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Jan 2, 2008
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Finally bit the bullet and did my first AG, a clone of Magic Hat's Blind Faith IPA, using the 70QT Coleman Xtreme cooler I converted with a PITA to make copper manifold. It worked pretty well. I did mess up my temps a bit, but mostly because I discovered a flaw in my Keggle (also my HLT) setup after I had started mashing, and had to redo it before I could do my mashout... ended up not getting to mash out for over 2 hours. Also in adjusting my temps I think I added a bit too much water to my MASh, as I got almost 4.5 gallons from draining, and only had to get about 1.5 gallons from my sparging. Still have a little tweaking to do to my system, but overall I'm pleased. I hit 1.05 OG, where it called for 1.061, so I hit about 60% efficiency, I can live with that for a first time. :tank: