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Apr 29, 2006
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St. George, UT
I have finally gathered together the necessary equipment to ferment my brew at the proper temperature in the summer sun belt, however, that is not the case for the cold winter temps. I have learned from posts this week how to handle this, but I would like to know what kind of off flavors occur when the product is fermented at cool temps.

I did an AG Blonde Ale recipe from BYO and the brew is not of the quality described in the article. I suspect it's the fermentation process. Can anyone describe the off flavors from cold ferment temps?
I don't think being too cold will directly cause any off flavors in a brew, it just might take a little longer for fermentation. The biggest problem you might see is that it's not warm enough for your yeast to start a healthy and strong fermentation which might cause a fusel flavor, but I doubt it. Then again, I'm no expert.
Very few off-flavors (I can't think of any) are produced if the temperatures are too low. In fact, some brews won't develop the right flavors if the temperatures are low.
it will be a smoother beer for the most off flavors. the only thing you really need to worry about is a stuck fermentation due to the yeast being too cold and falling out of suspension. i brewed a recent beer at 57*F with nottingham's going slow, but it's going to make it. i didn't realize my friends basement was that cold!