Another Cream Ale (Batch 8)

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May 7, 2011
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Just stopping by to leave some notes for myself and anyone else who wants to read em.

Started another Cream Ale Monday. This one was based off the midwest recipe. I used the following:

4.5 Lbs Light Pilsen
8 oz Carapils
1oz Cascade @ 60 min
1oz US Fuggles @ 5 min
US-05 Yeast (did not rehydrate, pitched according to packet directions, around 75F)

A fairly simple recipe. I'm thinking it's going to be a little "bland" because of the light pilsen. I used that because it's what I had. The Midwest recipe uses gold LME I think. I'll know more after it's bottled but my initial thought is to up the steeping grains next time if I use the same DME.

I did mess up and forgot to add irish moss in before the 5min hop addition. I don't normally use it but I added my hops directly to the BK this time instead of using a nylon bag so thought it might help. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

I used tap water treated with Campden for this batch.

My OG is a bit lower than I normally brew; my reading was around 1.040. However, I think this is in part due to poorly mixed top off water. Then again, the BrewR app puts my OG at 1.042, so maybe this isn't too far off.

All in all this beer was kind of an experiment to play with some more DME. I also had visitors who were interested in the brewing process so it gave me a chance to show them how I brew.

The brew is happily bubbling away at the moment.