Announcing the release of 'Mash Made Easy' version 9.70

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Larry Sayre, Developer of 'Mash Made Easy'
Dec 31, 2016
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N/E Ohio
'Mash Made Easy' version 9.70 has been released in both the standard and metric formats. MME is a mash pH adjustment assistant spreadsheet. It also offers an abundant selection of brewing utility/accessory software on the tabs/sheets line.

Change: Adds the ability to manually override the default (or internally selected) BC (Buffering Coefficient) for all grist component malts and unmalted grains. Units for the BC override are mEq/Kg_pH.

Note: Mash Made Easy (MME) has always allowed for the manual override of a malt or unmalted grains DI_pH. This feature is retained.

The ability to input actual measured buffering coefficients (BC's) in addition to actual measured deionized water pH values (pHDI, or DI_pH) for all malts and umalted grains should provide for a major improvement in accuracy for anyone capable of titrating to determine their specific lots deionized water pH value and buffering coefficient.

This is a major change, and all users who are capable of benefiting from this added feature are urged to transition to this release.

As always, MME is both free and complete, and it can be downloaded at the web link as seen below.
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