Announcing the release of 'Mash Made Easy' version 11.10

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Larry Sayre, Developer of 'Mash Made Easy'
Dec 31, 2016
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N/E Ohio
'Mash Made Easy' version 11.10 has been placed onto my website for free download in both USA and fully Metric unit varieties. The free version is complete. There is no pay version.

Changes from previous version 11.00:
1) Fixed an issue exclusive to the Metric version for which the finished beers mg/L Ca++ output was incorrect for only the case of having added Calcium Hydroxide (Ca(OH)2 to raise Mash pH. If you have never added Ca(OH)2 to your Mash water you would never have encountered this Calcium mg/L output (concentration) error.

2) Made very minor tweaks to the Acid Strength, the 'Cl' anion ppm (mg/L) contribution, and the 'SO4' anion ppm (mg/L) contribution of the 'AMS/CRS' acid blend in conjunction and conformance with math modeling as seen within a recent and currently ongoing thread which I initiated in the 'Brew Science' forum regarding making a homemade version of this UK based Sulfuric and Hydrochloric acid blend. This minor tweaking of output impacts both the USA and the Metric versions.