Announcing the release of 'Mash Made Easy' version 10.50

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Larry Sayre, Developer of 'Mash Made Easy'
Dec 31, 2016
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N/E Ohio
Mash Made Easy version 10.50 is now available for free download via my website seen below, in both USA and fully Metric versions.

The only change made since previous version 10.46 has been to add an (optional) Golden Ratio based calculator for determining "IBU's By Addition" to the 'IBU Calculator' sheet/tab. The conceptional details for this Golden Ratio based IBU calculator are discussed here: A calculator for determining 2, or 3 standard boil hop additions 'IBU contribution' via the "Golden Ratio"

Special thanks to @brewbama for the idea of linking the Golden Ratio to the BU:GU Ratio. This was the final puzzle piece required to complete the calculator.
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