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Mar 13, 2021
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Sparks, NV
Hey Fellow Beer Nerds and Avid Competition Enter-ers!

We wanted to tell you all about the National BrewChallenge, and let all of the local Clubs know how to get involved!

We’ve teamed up with Jamil at Heretic Brewing to create an insane brewing and judging experience! The way it works is if your Club or Local Comp, or any comp that you enter, is registered as a Qualifying Competition, the Best of Show and Heavy Medal winners will move on to Jamil’s Brew Strong Competition, a comp judged live by Jamil and his hand picked panel of master judges and beer legends!

But here’s the hook: the two winners from each comp will have 3 recipes mailed to them, chosen and formulated by Jamil Zainasheff, Mitch Steele, BrewChatter, and proprietary custom specialty yeast strains and blends designed by White Labs specifically for the National BrewChallenge and Brew Strong! They won’t know what these recipes are until they show up on their doorstep, and everyone gets exactly the same recipes! They’ll have to brew them up and send them back for the Brew Strong Competition! This puts everyone on the same level, and may the best brewer win!

Winner gets a homebrewers dream prize of brewing! While we are limiting competitions this year, we still have some room if you want to get your favorite competition involved. We are opening this up next year to EVERYONE who has a comp that qualifies, nationwide, and we’re already gearing up for the 2022 Competition season, so feel free to fill out the Join the BrewChallenge Form any time!

If you want be involved as a sponsor next to Heretic Brewing Company, White Labs, Briess Malting and Ingredients, New Realm Brewing, and BrewChatter, drop us a DM or an email and we’ll fit you in!

Any questions, shoot us a DM or reply to this thread! Brew On!

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