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Jan 25, 2005
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Hello all!

Just registered and really like the look of this Forum. I found it through rec.crafts.brewing on the Google Groups page. Nice clean look and good info - reminds me of my favorite model railroad forum (my other hobby - The Atlas Model RR Forum, if anyone is interested).

I live in the Chicago area and have been brewing since about 1998. But I still consider myself somewhat of a newbie. I’ve been sporadic in my brewing. I brewed quite a few batches in ‘98-‘00, then tapered off to only one in 2003. Jumped back in earnest last year, staring in September with a Scotch Ale.

Right now I’m sipping the last of my Porters (down to the last six) while typing this and waiting for the Illinois/Wisconsin BB game to begin. I have the first of my - well, it was supposed to be a Triple, a Fin Du Monde clone - in the fridge cooling. It turned out darker and a bit maltier. It’s very good though and I plan to brew it again soon! Maybe I'll post the recipe so somebody can tell me what I brewed! :D I bottled a Dry Irish Stout last week, an Alt the week before and a Bock is in the primary fermenter in my garage, where it is a constant 35-40 degrees. This is my very first lager. (I had a lot of time off at Christmas, so I brewed like crazy! :) ) I am an ‘extract with grains’ brewer.

So, there’s my rundown!
Hey welcome again!

I love brewing bocks. That was my first adventure in lagering, too, and I think it's my favorite lager to brew. I hope you like yours.

That dark trippel sounds interesting. I'd love to see the recipe.