An appropriate yeast?

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Jun 26, 2009
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Hello all, I'm going to start an Oktoberfest VERY soon, but I've never done a Lager before. The way the local brewshop clerk told me to use I don't think this yeast is what I want to use. He then told me to let it ferment at room temp for a day, then bottle it with priming sugar for 3 weeks. Then finally lager it in bottle for 2-3 months. This doesn't seem right. Can someone please help me with this?

Can I also get good instructions on when to rest and/or sparge with Victory Malt? I'm also doing a Brown Ale...
pitch at 50, not room temp. leaving it at room temp allows the yeast to replicate more quickly, but it also allows them to produce un-lagerlike flavors. if you pitch 2 packs of the w34/70, they won't need the room temp to replicate faster, there will be a sufficient amount already pitched.
You know what I would do? Take a nice octoberfest recipe and use nottingham or pacman on a low and slow ferment, then lager it as usual. TASTY! I am in the process right now of a munich dunkel using pacman, it is shaping up nicely. You may not get an authentic lager, but I bet if you blind taste tested maibocks, rogue dead guy would hit the nail on the head pretty good and it's an ale. I am starting more and more to believe, that outside of pilseners and other truly specialized lagers, you can do an awefull lot with ale yeast.
I did that last year...thats why I'm aiming for a traditional Marzen this time. And I agree...TASTY AS HELL :mug: