An accidental Pudding.

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For the love of beer!
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Sep 27, 2005
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Cheshire, England
Highly recommended.

Well it's debatable. Bakewell tarts are like these.
I don't care for them, too sweet and dry.

There is a strongly held belief and contested that a cook in a pub in Bakewell Derbyshire was asked to make a Bakewell tart and got it wrong. The outcome was a Bakewell pudding. It is now world famous.

Anyway if a bad cook can make can you. Really quick if you use store bought pastry

This is a wonderful pudding.

There are all sorts of stories of secret recipes and ingredients but in reality the only difference to this recipe by the famous Victoria cook Mrs Beeston, is that sometime a little almond essence is added.

(Very Rich)
INGREDIENTS - 1/4 lb. of puff-paste, 5 eggs, 6 oz. of sugar, 1/4 lb. of butter, 1 oz. of almonds, jam.
Cover a dish with thin paste, and put over this a layer of any kind of jam, 1/2 inch thick; put the yolks of 5 eggs into a basin with the white of 1, and beat these well; add the sifted sugar, the butter, which should be melted, and the almonds, which should be well pounded; beat all together until well mixed, then pour it into the dish over the jam, and bake for an hour in a moderate oven.

Here is the recipe from a Lancashire Lad. (Orfy).
I've visited Bakewell many times and this is as good as the pudding they sell worldwide!
Bake this and you can say you have sampled the Original Bakewell pudding.

Serves 4- 6 or one if really hungry and you're pigging out. Go's well with....mmm....Beer!

Yolk of 5 eggs
White of 1 egg
110g butter (melted)
170g sugar
Puff pastry
30g Ground Almond
Red jam.

Beat the eggs together.
add the dry ingredients
add the melted butter.
Cover a dish in pastry.
Cover will 1/2" of jam.
Pour in the mix.
Top with a few flaked almond (optional)
Put in a moderate oven for an hour.

Serve as is, with whisky or rum cream or a custard. Although it is rich and moist enough not to need it.





Puff Pastry. (If you don't have store bought)

To 450g (1lb) of Flour allow:
450g (1lb) Butter
285ml (½ pint) Water, or less

Carefully weigh the flour and butter and have the exact proportion.
Sift the flour.
Make the pastry, using a very clean paste board and rolling pin
If using 450g (1lb) of flour, work into a smooth paste, with not quite 285ml (½ pint) of water, using a knife to mix it.
The amount of water is at the discretion of the cook
If too much be added, the pastry will be tough when baked.
Roll it out until to a thickness of about 2.5cm (1 inch).
Cut 110g (4oz) of butter into small pieces.
Place on the pastry, sift over a little flour, fold it over, roll out.
Repeat adding another 110g (4oz) of butter.
Repeat the rolling and buttering until the pastry has been rolled out 4 times, or equal quantities of flour and butter have been used.
Do not omit, every time the pastry is rolled out, to dredge a little flour over that and the rolling pin, to prevent both from sticking.
Handle the pastry as lightly as possible and do not press heavily on it with the rolling pin.
The next thing to be considered is the oven, as the baking of pastry requires particular attention.
Do not put it into the oven until it is sufficiently hot to raise the pastry.
For the best prepared pastry, if not properly baked, will be good for nothing.
Brushing the pastry as often as rolled out and the pieces of butter, with the white of an egg, assists it to rise in leaves or flakes.
As this is the great beauty of puff pastry, it is as well to try this method.