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I brewed an alternate version of this recipe. The grains and mash schedule were the same. But I subbed Sorachi Ace hops for your continental varieties. I'm hoping for a lemony wheat. I also no-chilled it. I used a half ounce of sorachi ace at 25 mins and then I'll dry hop with the remaining half ounce. The wort looked great and I think it'll be a heck of a beer. Thanks for the inspiration! N_G

PS - Your Dark Brown Ale recipe is crushed and ready to brew next weekend!
I had no trouble with the short boil. I've been drinking this one and it is awesome. While I used alternative hops, the malt schedule and other stuff for this one produce a really nice tangy wheat beer.
I brewed this one, with some small changes

2 oz of meyer lemon zest with 1 minute left
Saaz 5.5 FWH @30min
.5 oz Saphir at 15min
.5 Saphir at 0 min
.5 tettang at 0 min

other than that followed the grain bill and hops as written

primary for 3 weeks
kegged and crashed for 2 days, then start serving it

This is a great brew. Its wheat but blonde without the hefe/wit tastes that sometimes turn people other than myself off. I have this on tap with biermunchers wit, they are the perfect compliments.

Great recipe, this one is in rotation for me
Could honey be added to this american wheat? and if so how much or would you subsitute the for the grains. im a beginner.
I made a double batch of this recipe, pitched half with Wyeast American Wheat and the other with Wyeast German Ale. I expected the American Wheat to be slightly tart but the German Ale turned out to have a pronounced tartness and the American Wheat none at all. Could this be right? I was very careful to label correctly but I could have screwed up.
I made this. I bottled it a week ago, and am drinking one now. It is first-rate, clean (no banana or clove flavors) as promised. Two things I did different: I mashed at a higher temp, so it did not ferment all the way down to 1.009. And I substituted Strisselspalt hops for the Hersbruckers. Thank you, iamjonsharp, for sharing this recipe.
Could we consider this a "drink young" wheat? I'm planning on using this as a base for my blueberry wheat. Ready after a few weeks in the bottle?
Brewed this a while ago at the end of June gloom. Temps were low for a few days before brewing but then we got hit with a heat wave the day after I brewed. There was a good 10 hours when this fermented in the high 70s before I got it in a water bath. I let it sit in the secondary for a couple of weeks in the high 50s and it cleaned up nicely. Threw 3# of raspberries at it to mask the off flavors. Chico strain sure cleans up after itself well. I wish it was my roommate.

I guess I'll have to try a round 2 to really get a good batch of this.
I'm excited to try this recipe. I wanted to have some lighter beers on hand for Christmas season, so I'm going to do this one and a Kolsch. I'll be using the Kolsch yeast in this wheat beer to ramp up a yeast cake for when I brew the Kolsch, which I hear works really well. Other than the yeast substitution, I'll be subing flaked rye in for the flaked wheat and subing the hops to Perle (due to an overabundance of Perle on hand, and an underabundance of flaked wheat).

I'll report back on how it goes!
In my opinion, i cant stand Belgian Wheat beers, they just dont do it for me, i have come to love American Wheat styles and will be brewing this within the new few weeks with either strawberries or raspberries, or maybe both. I think this would make an excellent summer beer. I will be making a 12 gallon batch, do you guys have any recommendations on quantities of fruit used. Also are you guys adding the fruit in the primary or secondary. I know secondary is whats usually preferred. And when adding the fruit are you giving them a short boil then adding it all to the empty carboy and then adding the beer on top. Just wondering if you guys took any sanitary precautions when adding this to a fermenting beer?
Does anyone have a good Hefeweizen recipe? Partial.. Looking for a clean refreshing summer beer. Any thoughts!
What about a good American wheat?
AnOldUR said:

Can't help you with the Hefe. Even though I'm German, like BrewAlchemy, I prefer an American Wheat.

. . . But got to ask. Are you from New Jersey?

No from Texas.. What is the difference between Hefe and American Wheat?
No from Texas.. What is the difference between Hefe and American Wheat?

Yeast strain, Hefe are usually Belgian and produce more phenolic compounds, that tend to give of a more clove, banana, and medicinal/band-aid taste to the beer. Thats one of the main reasons i cant get myself to enjoy Belgian yeasts cause it just reminds me of the dentists.
BrewAlchemy said:
Yeast strain, Hefe are usually Belgian and produce more phenolic compounds, that tend to give of a more clove, banana, and medicinal/band-aid taste to the beer. Thats one of the main reasons i cant get myself to enjoy Belgian yeasts cause it just reminds me of the dentists.

What do you recommend for a blonde? American Ale Yeast? On the topic of a blonde what are some good hops? To you normally use them for Bitter, flavoring and aroma?
Looking for a good smooth refreshing blonde....
I finally got to try this beer today and I thought it is one of the best American Wheat Beers I have tried. I'm going to keep this recipe in the rotation for sure. Thanks.:mug:
I made five gallons of this and I finally have a wheat beer in the mix I like. I've tried several hefe's and just don't like the spicy twang, i gravitate more toward a clean american like Widmer.

Only thing I did different was use herbuckle and cascade (because I had the cascade). It came across a little hoppy to begin with but has mellowed out nicely. I'm pulling trigger on a ten gallon batch shortly.

Thanks for the recipe.

Brewed this bad boy up yesterday... Everything went perfect, got a solid mash at 151.5 degrees, pretty excited about this but... when I checked the efficiency I got a whopping 55%, and an original gravity of 1.036.

Then, I remembered at the supply store, when the guy was milling the grains, the scale looked a little shy of what the total grain bill was supposed to be, it looked to be about a pound short, but ignorantly, I disregarded this and assumed the guy knew what he was doing... sounds like I got shorted on grains. Bummer. Will carry on as planned and see what the outcome is, hopefully it will still taste fine, just be a little low on alcohol.
Finished at 1.002, so I guess that's not so bad. Went up to my buddy's to bottle, come to find out he'd had it in primary for 14 days at 74 degress, then secondary for 6 days... at room temperature (80 degrees)... this should be interesting. Will see how it turns out!
Well, 14 days in primary, 6 days in secondary at 80 degrees, and two weeks in 80 degrees bottle conditioning... just as I suspected, it's not right!! Tastes overwhelmingly fruity, wondering if these temperatures could have caused the esthers? I can't believe this is the correct flavor... opinions?
Me and my buddy are going to do a 10 gallon batch but with 2oz. of sweet orange peel. Then split it and try WL320 and Wyeast 1010. Should be interesting to see the difference.
I brewed this using Bell's yeast and racked it onto three 15 oz cans of Oregon Raspberry Puree in the serving keg. Left it under pressure at room temp for 4 days, then put it into the kegerator. Nice balance between sweet/tartness from the raspberry. Looks cloudy like a wheat beer. Only other change to the recipe was using 5 1/2 lbs of wheat malt as my LHBS didn't have any flaked wheat in stock. Thanks to the OP for a nice recipe!
Planning to brew this on Sunday, as per the original recipe. I'm not adding any fruit, it'll be up to the drinker to add a wedge of lemon or lime if desired. Thanks for the recipe!!
Hey quick question, I am an amatuer brewer.

How many gallons of water should I add for the mash? And how much for sparging?

Based on old Beersmith records...I used approx 3.25 gal in the mash (should be about 1.25 qt per lb of grain) and 4.5 gal of sparge water. The sparge volume is based achieving 6.25 gal of wort, preboil.
Thanks for posting this. I just used this as base for my first AG wheat. I recently obtained a LOT (over 250 lbs) of old grain, mostly stored properly. Due to it being old I did up the amounts on grains & hops just to be safe. Also substituted Saaz & Strisslespalt for the tettnang. I also added about 6 oz of flaked rice, just to see what it would do. So far all my numbers fell in between the ranges BeerSmith gave so feel pretty confident that it worked.
Thanks again.
I made this per OP's recipe 6 weeks ago.
It's been in the bottle for 4.
Really good beer! I can't believe how clear it came out.

Update this thing turned out pretty good and easy drinking. It took a few weeks to age and not taste so green. It's got a good cloudy color and nice floral aroma with a creamy white foam head.