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Sep 25, 2014
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Amazon Lightning Deal & 7-Day Deal are available on INKBIRD products. :mug: Check out Deals of this week!

:goat:ITC-308 Temperature Controller (Standard) 20% off - $26.25
:goat:ITC-308 WIFI Temperature Controller 25% off - $34.99
⏰Aug 4, 2022 6:20 AM PDT - Aug 4, 2022 6:20 PM PDT

👍Air Quality Monitor 30% off - $48.99
⏰Aug 1, 2022 12:00 AM PDT - Aug 7, 2022 11:45 PM PDT

Thank you for your support!🫶🫶


What AC unit do you have? I'd like to buy one for my basement that's compatible.
I doubt @Biggz1313 is using a temp controller for controlling an AC unit. Since this is a homebrew forum, more likely to (externally) control a fridge or freezer being used as a fermentation chamber or a kegerator/keezer. Thousands of us homebrewers use them for that.

I'd also be weary of running an AC on one of these temp controllers. The inrush current can be pretty hefty, over time it may damage the (small) internal micro-relay.