Am I being impatient?

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Jun 11, 2007
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Freehold, NJ
So I brewed a Lambic on a whim last April not really knowing a ton about Sour Ales, although trying quite a few and liking them. Anyway, basically pitched a pack of Wyeast Lambic Blend in and let it sit until about Christmas. I know it went through the initial fermentation because of airlock activity. Opened up the fermenter and saw the pellicle (nice light blue color, very "bubbly") and took a small sample - very sour and dry. I've read you want to wait for the pellicle to drop so I closed it back up and figured it needed more time. I just opened it up again the other day to see if there has been any progress and it's still the same. Since I brewed it in a bucket my fear is it will go too long and go to vinegar. What will happen if I'm happy with the sourness and rack it over to a keg? Plan is to put it on cherries. Am I being impatient? Any help/advise is appreciated.
I think you will be happier with your beer if you let it go for a few more months before you add the cherries and let it sit on the cherries for another 6-12 months. I can understand you probably want to get it in the keg and enjoy it. At a minimum I think you should add the cherries and let it go for several more months.
Why not wait until April to make it 12 months mark and then add cherries and do 6-12 months as RAM suggested.
I would agree with the other posters as well. With something that you already have a lot of time invested into, why not take the extra time to make sure its good. The complexities of these types of beer come with age, and care, and with luck, so its a no brainer to me.