Am I a Prima Donna?

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Am I a Prima Donna?

  • Yes, what a flaming jerk

  • No, errr, what is a prima donna?

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The Pol

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Feb 12, 2007
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Do not judge, lest ye be judged...

Heh, I might as well embrace it.
Thanks Gnome! Okay, counting your vote, you prima donna, I expect to have two yes votes... this is based on extensive exit polling.
Give me an alternative option "Flaming ghey druck weirdo" Go on! I darez ya! Ya KNOW I'll vote on it just coz I can! ;)

Edit: yes, I'm a Prima Donna, we all knows that! :D wanna see my pirouette? :)
Was I supposed to look at who posted this or any circumstances surrounding the question before voting "yes"? I sure hope not, 'cause I didn't.
At least I am not an EAC... like some of you, you know who you are....
I have not had a pedi in a LONG time, like, several months... psshhhaa!