Aloha amigos!

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Dec 29, 2004
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San Francisco Bay Area
Aloha y'all!

Tomorrow at 10 AM I'm splitsville on my way to the most remote landmass in the world. That's right, the active volcano known as Hawaii! :D

Here's the beer part of it. I was reading the latest Celebrator (beer rag that is published on the West Coast), and I noticed that the dude who used to be head brewer at Anderson Valley Brewing Company, where I worked in the pub, now works at Kona Brewing Comapny on Hawaii. Way cool. So besides diving, maybe I'll score a good clone recipe for the Fire Rock Ale. Or at least drink a lot of it ;) It's good to have friends in high places.

Y'all be good and play nice while I'm gone. Make, drink, bathe in, and occasionally swim in lots of good beer. Aloha! :D