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Dec 1, 2008
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i brewed on sunday.

i had an 8 oz mason jar with unobtainium yeast aka lallemand kolsch . it was only 3rd generation but it was 5 weeks old. about 3 ounces of it was clear beer so about 5 ounces of compact yeast cake. i poured off the beer which tasted great and warmed it up to room temp. it frothed like crazy and had a full 2 inch kresuen in 20 mins. i pitched it sunday and since i can i droppeed it down to 62 degrees .


nothing zero zilch nada. i know the yeast is alive cause it was bubbling like crazy when i pitched.

i took th beer out of the ferm chamber to start to warm it up as you can see at the end.,

but would you:

continue warming and let it ride
pitch another mason jar ( my last of the unobtainium)
pitch 2565 liquid pack
pitch so5

im a little nervous i havent had a yeast fail in a long long time.

im leaning towards letting it ride.
+1 for let it ride. At least for a little while longer. If the yeast was that active when you pitched, I could imagine the cold temp slowing them down but probably not knocking them out. Whats the recommended temp range for them? 77 to 62 is a pretty big drop but going by the graph, they haven’t had much time to try and get started again. I would at least let them warm up a bit before counting them out completely. Maybe reevaluate in another 24-36h?
Do you mean LalBrew Köln™ ?

I'd let it sit till it's either something good or something bad. At least then if it does finally start doing something good, you'll have more to try again with something else.

If you mess with it and add other yeast at this point, then what was the point of using the discontinued yeast?
I'd add yeast. Can't imagine any other option here.

If you're kidding yourself that the wort was sterile when you put it in the fermentor, well nature will prove you wrong and ferment it with whatever else was in there.

[edit] OTOH, go for it, for science!
Open the fermenter and look. If there's krausen your good to go. No issue with O2 exposure the krausen will protect the beer and if no activity then O2's not an issue either. Don't run up your temp without looking, otherwise you'll screw up your kolsch. 2565 makes a great kolsch, too.
I'd add yeast. Can't imagine any other option here.
I think that is probably the most sensible thing. Despite my initial concern that the OP might be more interested in keeping the yeast that is no longer produced. After 2 days of nothing, the chance that it'll be contaminated with other wild yeast is likely too great to just hope that fermentation will start and be only the yeast that the OP used.

Though I might ask the OP if they've taken a reading with a traditional hydrometer. As well, has the FV been shaken a bit to ensure the tilt, pill or iSpindle isn't stuck in the krausen on the side of the FV.
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thanks for all the replies. i warmed it up to 70 degrees and started to see some bubbles rising in the beer. its in an oxebar 20l. so i can see throguh it. the next mroning i had beatutiful kreusen so it looks like i am good to go i am slowly lowering back down to around 60 where i like to ferment my kolsch.

i usually get a decent lag time with this yeast i think the oldish (5 weeks) yeast made it lag longer.

btw the kreusen with lalbrew koln is always very white and clean looking and is prolly a good top cropping yeast.