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Dec 29, 2008
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Des Moines, IA
This is a hop lover's brew, all others carry on, carry on;)

10lbs Munich
3lbs Wheat
3oz Cascade (8.7% whole)
Danstar Nottingham

18 quarts of strike water to target 152 degrees
16 quarts of sparge water to target 168 degrees at the drip (I heated the water to 190 degrees since the water was gravity fed thru 2 feet of vinyl mesh tubing)

mashed in at 152 for 60 minutes fly sparging rather quickly collecting all of the wort at around 20 minutes

boiled beyond the hot break stole a quart from the wort to proof the yeast

then added all 3 ozs of hops and continued to boil for 60 minutes YES, I ADDED NO AROMA HOPS AT ALL

immersion chilled to 60 racked and took my OG then I pitched
I think the 60 degree start slows the Nottingham a bit, seems too vigorous for a big beer like this

primary 2 weeks
secondary 2 weeks
bottle condition for 3 weeks and ...

attenuated down to 1.010 ending at 9.3ABV

I plan to try this with a liquid yeast since I believe that liquid yeast is higher quality and the yeast is what really makes the beer