All Grain to Extract Recipe Conversion help.

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Jan 29, 2008
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Harrisburg, PA
I found a beer called Fire in the Hole that I really want to make. The problem I am having is I can only find the ingredients in the form of an all grain recipe. I have the Beersmith program, is there a way to convert the all grain recipe to an extract form using that software or is there just a simple method that I am not aware of. The second answer being more likely im sure haha.:ban:


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Aug 10, 2005
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Torrance, CA
You are not going to be able to just steep that grain. The rye, wheat and munich need to be mashed. Just plan on doing a mini-mash and you will get there. If you sub out wheat malt for the flaked wheat, you should have enough enzymes in the 2 lbs of base malt grain to also convert the crystal and carafa.

Substitute 5 lbs of Light Dry Malt Extract for the Pale 2-Row

For the remaining 3.18 lbs of grain, mash in 1 gallon of water at 154 degrees for at least 30 minutes. You can do this in a pot on your stove using a big grain bag. After the mash, drain off the liquid and then run an additional 2 gallons of 170 water through the grain bag to sparge. Do this as slow as you can do it, using a pyrex cup to ladle the water throught the grain. Or just take the grain bag and dunk it in and soak it in the sparge water, one gallon at a time. Collect all the runnungs, add the extract and proceede with the hop schedule.