California All Grain Homebrew set-with kegerator

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Mar 4, 2015
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It's a sad day for me, but my loss your gain.
I'm moving into an apartment and have no room for my Homebrew stuff. I have made some great beers with this setup. I would prefer for local pick up in San Diego, CA with cash in hand.

Kegerator- Chalkboard paint so you can draw your logo for your Homebrew right on the front and tap handle. Gets cold, pours great. I have a video of the pour if you'd like to see.
Comes with the CO2 tank, 5 gallon corny keg(pin and lock) and proper connections.

The set up comes with a large mash tun to get some high gravity beers in.
A brew kettle and propane burner so you can brew outside or in the garage.

6.5 gallon bucket fermenter with a 3-piece airlock
6.5 gallon bottling bucket with spigot
case of 22 oz bottles
bottle capper
Auto siphon
Bottle filler attachment
Extra tubing
2 hydrometers
2 thermometers
Some extra o-rings for the keg
Two bottles of sanitizer
Faucet wrench

I'm probably missing some stuff so don't hesitate to ask any questions. I hate to give this away but don't have anywhere to keep it. I'm giving it away for $700 OBO. Please buy as a set. Not willing to piece it out.

Text/call with any questions. (559)300-0372