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Oct 7, 2004
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My two favorite all-grain recipes are as follows:
24# domestic 2-row
1# caraphils
1# 120 L
Northern 2 oz at 60
Cascade 1.5 oz at 30
Cascade 1 oz at 15
California Ale

IPA (this is really, really good)
24# domestic 2 row
2.5# 60L
2.5# 120L
2 oz Cascade
1.5 oz Cenntenial
1.5 oz Cenntenial
Brittish Ale

Both are for 10 gal batches, for 5 gallons us the above, and cut 40%. This last batch I didn't fly sparge but batch sparged and was very happy with results. 1.064 and 1.066 o.g. with both opposed to 1.056, and 1.054 with fly sparge on previous batches. Final s.g. were 1.010, and 1.012 with the latest batch, 1.012 and 1.014 were the the s.g. of the prior batch. I'm now a solid believer of batch sparging. Maybe with an advancement of my brewing setup I'll go back to fly-sparging, but for now I'll stick with batch. I'm looking for a good oatmeal, and exceptionally hoppy IPA. What are you brewing and how?

Have you ever made a California common, or steam beer? If you wanted to try one make the first recipe but use San Francisco lager yeast instead of your ale yeast. You ferment the lager yeast at ale temperatures and maybe up the hops a little. I'm sure you would love it.

Also see my IPA recipe:

I made an IPA with Amarillo hops that was excellent. If you haven't tried them they are like a super cascade. My hop bill was as follows

For 10 gallons (cut in half for 5)

Columbus 1 oz 60 min
Amarillo 1 oz 30 min
Amarillo 1 oz 25 min
Amarillo 1 oz 20 min
Amarillo 1 oz 15 min
Amarillo 1 oz 10 min
Amarillo 1 oz 5 min
Amarillo 1 oz 0 min (steep off of the heat)
Amarillo 2 oz dry hop in secondary for 2 weeks.

Use your favorite grains/extract to make a beer or see below:

I reccomend using (for 10 gallons, use 1/2 for 5)

1.5 lb vienna malt
1.5 lb munich malt
2 lbs crystal
22 lbs 2 row barley or equivelent malt extract (16 lbs or so)

Use either california ale or Irish ale yeast.

Nice and hoppy with a great flavor and aroma. A sure delight for any hop lover.