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For Sale All Grain Equipment For Sale - Madison, WI

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Jul 29, 2017
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Selling most of my all grain brewing equipment. I don't drink anymore and don't really have time to brew. Make me an offer on whatever is available. Can send more pics of items if need be.

Check here for pics of the items.

Some of the items for sale:

-Stout Conical 7 gal fermenter (w/ new gaskets) - PENDING

-2 Peltier Cooling Aluminum Blocks - PENDING

-SS Brewtech 7 gal Brew Bucket - PENDING

-SS Brewtech Keg Washer

-Two 8 gal Bayou Classic Brew Kettles w/ thermometers - PENDING

-Two 5 gal kegs

-Two 5 gal Big Mouth Bubblers (no lids, lost them in a move)

-One 6.5 gal Siphonless Big Mouth Bubbler w/ Lid

-Big Mouth Bubbler Depth Charge Dry Hop Filter (no gaskets)

-Last Straw Bottle Filler (no tubing, just bottle filler)

-Dual CO2 Regulator

-Stir Plate w/ 4000mL & 1000mL flasks

-Two 1/2" tri-clamp valves w/ various fittings and clamps - PENDING

-One Butterfly valve - PENDING

-Silver Serpent Wort Chiller (bent but does not leak)
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Jul 20, 2020
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I am interested in the non-conical brew kettle if you end up splitting the lot.