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Dec 12, 2007
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Hello - I am a relatively new brewer and have made several great extract batches, but I now want to take the next step.

Does anyone know of any all-grain brewing classes in the PA area - either from a pub, retail store, university, etc? Thanks.
There was a group that was doing a series of homebrewing demostrations in or near Pittsburgh. II don't think it was a homebrewing club but an arts org that was working with a brewery or maybe a HB club.
If your close to Delaware, you could hang out for a brew session at my place. No guarantees it will go well, since I've only done 2 all grains myself! :cross:
Evets said:
I'm in Lancaster county. I'd be happy to teach you a thing or three.

if I only had the time i'd love to gather around a fellow LanCo brewer (not that I consider myself a brewer, but the Mr.Beer does give you a sense of brewing talent) to learn a few things...
there is THRASH in pittsburgh, Three Rivers Association Serious Homebrewers, i'm sure one of their meetings would help out
There's several good video series on all grain brewing on you-tube. Do a little reading to get some background on the process, then watch the videos... it might be all the instruction you need.