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For Sale All Grain Brewhouse

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Dec 18, 2011
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All Grain setup for sale. Everything you need, except for hoses, and t.c.clamps.

Keggle HLT sight glass, thermometer, ballvalve

Converted oxygen tank boiler (Larger than keggle) SS, with handles, sight glass, thermometer, drain valve.

Igloo mash tun with sparge setup, and copper manifold that works great.

(Extra Keggles available on separate listing if you prefer for mash)

March pump, flask for yeast hydration, long probe digital thermometer, and a siphon all included, plus 2 burners and propane tank.

Fermentasaurus available on separate listing.

Many awesome batches made on this system. I ended up opening my brewery using recipes developed on this.

Many other items on my other listings. Open to offers on all! Need space for next build.
Co2 regs, bottling wands, ferms, extra Keggles, and more!

Price for setup, only 400 OBO Pick up in 49042
30 miles south of Kalamazoo. May deliver, or meet halfway, depending on distance