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Mar 15, 2022
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Hi all!
Been enjoying lurking for a while and thought it was time to jump in.

I'm Shanie from the NW Atlanta (OTP). I've been a big beer fan since age 16, but I just started learning to brew in the last 3 years when I got a job at Beer & Wine Craft in Sandy Springs (shameless plug).
I really only started making my own 1 gallon beers recently. Batch #4 (Belles Two Hearted Ale clone) is ready to be bottled if I ever get off the computer, and if looks are any indication, this one should be good.

I prefer amber flavored ales, mostly, but I do enjoy the occasional flight. I'm in search of a graceful way to measure SG with 1 gallon equipment, so open to ideas.
I would love to find other women to brew with in the Roswell/Woodstock area, since I seem to have trouble traveling long distances when beer is involved. (Ok, complete lack of discipline - not allowed out without adult supervision)
Would also just love to hang out with other beer & wine fans (I go both ways). Reformation in Woodstock is my fave/closest hangout, and they have puppies!

Last thing about me is that I manage Beer & Wine Craft and would love for y'all to stop in and say "hi". We have all of your beer & wine making stuffs and a wine tasting room and a make-your-own winery.
Thanks for listening. See you on the other side.