Alaskan Heritage Coffee Brown Ale (Blind attempt at a clone)

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Nov 16, 2010
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It's been a few years since I've seen this beer available to me (PNW), and I miss it! I decided to try and make it as best I can. They provide some recipe clues on their website, but other than that I'm going in kind of blind. I can't even get the beer here to taste it, so it's all off memory (which is not that great, ha!)

Here's what I decided on, brewing tomorrow:

Grain bill:
13 lbs Maris Otter pale
1 lb English malted oats
12 oz UK Chocolate

Hop additions:
.5 oz Cascade @ 60 min
.5 oz Calypso @ 15 min

Some WLP090 San Diego Super Yeast I've harvested from another beer, and WLP005 British Ale. Making a starter night before to get the WLP005 going. I'm gonna take all this yeast and use it for an imperial stout I plan to brew next.

Expected results:
OG - 1.078
FG - 1.014
IBU - 20.2
ABV - 8.4%

I'll update this post when all is said and done, and see if it turned out!