International Pale Lager Airwaves IPL (Homebrew Con 2016 Commemerative Beer) Recipe

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Invented the IPL
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Mar 8, 2012
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All Grain
Wyeast 2778
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Fantastic IPL
I take no credit/blame for this. I snagged this off of the Flying Dog website here:

10 lbs Simpson's Marris Otter 100%
Mash at 152F for 60 minutes

1/2 oz Centennial @ 30 min
1/2 oz Centennial @ 5 mins
1/2 oz Citra @ 5 mins
Whirlpool (@170F or less) 1/2 oz Galaxy and 1/2 oz Mosaic
Dry Hop 3 oz Galaxy and 3 oz Mosaic

Burton on Trent profile

Standard three week fermentation at 50-58F. I would recommend low end of this, maybe even drop it to 48.

Ready to drink in 5-6 weeks.
I could not find India Pale Lager in the drop down under lagers, so I probably should have put this in the ale category??
The yeast appears to be wrong on Flying Dog's site. I can only find Wyeast 2278. Love2Brew seems to have made the same typo because if you google it that is the only place you will find it and the link takes you to a page for 2278. HBT won't let me edit the yeast once posted. #shrug
So a few corrections are likely needed for this recipe. I plan to brew it and have entered it into BrewSmith and made some adjustments. We know that this is really 7.1% ABV from our bottles from HBC, not 7.4%. I moved the bittering charge up to 1 ounce and moved it to 60 minutes to hit close to 52 IBUs. I also upped the MO to 12 pounds to hit the 1.064 SG as I would be way off with 10 pounds. I will post back once I have brewed this to let you know how it comes out. Cheers!!
Thanks for this. Brewing an IPL soon and this has given me a good basis on how to handle different hop additions and OG/IBU. I'm really enjoying IPL as a style lately, so this recipe is going onto my to-brew list too.
Anytime! Let me know how it comes out. I will post once I get this brewed as well. I am a big fan of Victory's Hop Ranch and this beer reminded me of it and I though was a bit better overall, so I am really looking forward to brewing this one!
Brewed this puppy up today. Very easy brew day other than a little spilled wort I was stashing away for a starter...sigh! Hit all the numbers dead on, so should be able to see if this is close to the real deal or not in a month or so. Got it tucked away at 50F and it smelled delicious...but wort always does to me. I did not use the Burton on Trent water profile, so that is the only place I differed from the recipe other than the changes I mention in the second post. I will post tasting notes once this is ready to drink. Cheers!
Oh my! This is soooooooooo good! I just kegged this beer and tossed in the dry hops about 12 hours ago. Couldn't wait for it to totally carb up and had to have a pour tonight. This recipe NAILS that beer! Thank you so much Charlie and Flying Dog for releasing the recipe!! This is going to be a staple in my rotation from this day forward.

I somehow ended up with 2 extra gallons of this beer. Not sure how, as I used BeerSmith and the recipe from FD with the minor exceptions noted above. So for the other two gallons, I tossed in a different dry hop mix because I could. I added Amarillo and Simcoe to that keg and it will be a while before I have space to put it into the kegerator, but I will post some notes on it once I get there.

The glass I am drinking now is exactly how I remember the bottle from HBC, if not a little better! It is turbid and kind of resembles a hard cider. I free floated the hop pellets in the keg instead of putting them in primary or splitting them. Why? I was on travel to RI and the timing was not right to put them into the fermenter. As always, I have a 400 mesh screen around my intake post so I should be able to drink this IPL without clogging the system and getting great extraction as the hops free float! I just kicked a keg of Vicinity clone and the last few glasses were to die for!! I highly recommend that you free float your pellets and use a screen like I do!!
@stonebrewer where did you get your screen for the dip tube?

I made it. You can get them online at a bunch of places if you do not have the screen handy or want to fool with silver soldering them like I did.

Austin Homebrew and AIH both carry something similar to what I made.
Ok so I've been looking around and "whirlpool" means bringing the wort down to 170 then tossing in the hops for about 30 minutes after giving it a good stir to get a whirlpool going?
That is a form of whirlpooling and is quite acceptable for this recipe. Some folks use pumps to keep the wort spinning for 20-30 minutes as well, which is generally what I do. All depends on your setup, but you have the concept nailed: cool wort to around 170 to prevent isomerization, add hops, stir with a pump or spoon or whatnot to form a hop cone in the center of the boil kettle, let the wort soak up the hop oils, after 30 minutes or so finish chilling, transfer to fermenter, pitch yeast.
Speaking of which, do you dry hop at ambient temp after fermentation? During D rest?

My process is changing, one might hope evolving, with almost every brew day. My current method of doing dry hopping is to do so during primary around day 2-3. I only use pellets these days, though am considering giving the new cryhops a whirl one brew day in the near I said, always changing things up. Anyhow, I try to eliminate O2 as much as possible with IPA/IPLs as they stale very quickly otherwise. So I ferment in a keg, under pressure, with a spunding valve I built from parts off morebeer and things I had laying around. I built keg post screens and remove .5 inch off the out post and put a screen around it to prevent crap from getting into the poppets. I free float the pellets in the keg during active fermentation, thought is I get biotransformation and the yeast take care of any O2 I introduce when the pellets get poured in. Seal it up, set the spund to around 12-20 PSI depending on my mood, and once done I transfer under pressure to a clean, water purged, serving keg.

I have also done dry hops after primary both during and after d-rest. I don't use those methods anymore because of issues with O2 staling of these "fragile" beers. Because this beer is such an easy drinker, you probably would be okay going this route as this beer goes quick, at least in my house it does! :D
Thanks for the detailed update! I'm obviously past day 2 of primary and am leaving for a week and a half. I've been fermenting at ambient temp for a quick lager and think I will drop it back down to lager temps to clear and then maybe warm up to dry hop when I get home. Though that sounds overly complicated. Perhaps I'll toss in the dry hops while its lagering and see what happens (with full knowledge that I'll get less hop bang for my buck at lower temps).
Brewed this up a couple of weeks ago and sampling for the first time tonight. WoW this is good! Hazy like a NEIPA, great malt backbone, and hops shine through with grapefruit/citrus character. Gonna have to rebrew this soon cuz frankly this one goes down WAY too EZ!

Yes, I pretty much move any addition at 10 or fewer minutes to the whirlpool. I'm very happy with how my batch of this turned out, though I did forgo a final lager in the bottle.
Brewed this up a couple of weeks ago and sampling for the first time tonight. WoW this is good! Hazy like a NEIPA, great malt backbone, and hops shine through with grapefruit/citrus character. Gonna have to rebrew this soon cuz frankly this one goes down WAY too EZ!


First, thanks for sharing the recipe! Second, this is exactly what I was thinking. I sampled a little last night after 1 month. Hazy and hoppy. Simply delicious.

A couple of questions for you:

After a longer lager, does the hazy drop out? Just curious more than anything.

My FG was higher than expected at 1.022. I repitched on a yeast cake. Any issues in your batches of stalling out or finishing high?

The haze will drop out if you lager it longer, but I generally don't like to wait that long with hoppy beers. Looks like I finished up at 1.010 - 1.016. I use a Zymatic for several of those brews, so my OG was lower until I figured the machine out. Glad you like it...I keep it in the rotation and will likely rebrew in the next few weeks. Will try some cryo hops in the dry hop as I have some Mosaic cryo that I want to use up...should bump it up a couple of notches in the aroma department!