Air line through front door.

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Nov 26, 2022
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Have a horizontal split fridge that I converted to a keg fridge years ago. I want to have a Guinness tap but can't fit both kegs and both tanks inside the fridge.

I'm nervous about drilling through the side of the fridge due to the coolant lines so I'm thinking about putting it through the bottom corner on the hinge side of the door.
Has anyone done this and if so did you like the results?

The safest way to drill is to find a bump out inside the fridge, like a molded in shelf bracket. You can make a very shallow hole with a 1/4" drill bit and then use a small screwdriver to chisel out insulation and explore for a clear path out to the outside skin. Make a big circle with the screw driver planted firmly against the outer skin to feel for tubing. If none, drill through.
Good call, I've attached a picture of the series tag


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working off the info from your make/model is best if its available. but if not available you can feel around the outside for where it gets hot, those are your coolant lines. another good place is near hinges and other protrusions. they usually leave a few inches clear around them for safety margins during manufacturing.
Wow. You got yourself a mystery.
The top five hits from Googling "Roper RT21SKXLQ01" would lead one to believe that model is actually a top-freezer fridge.
And even the first hit that shows a side-by-side model when you click on Diagrams & Manuals the drawings shows a top-freezer fridge!


Indeed I have yet to find a site that doesn't show diagrams for a top-freezer fridge using that model number!
the cooling coils are generally on the back of the unit. sometimes covered in an aluminum panel so you cant see them.

if the sides feel hot, thats where they are. but most likely the back of the unit will feel hot, and thats where they are located typically on this design/fridge. which means you can poke holes pretty much anywhere except the back wall.
It is a top freezer fridge.

lol! And so I totally misunderstood what "horizontal split fridge" meant :)

Ok, that unit has a fan driver evaporator in the freezer compartment back wall, and a fan driven condenser under the floor hump. That style usually runs the up and down tubing and wiring between the units inside the back wall of the cabinet. And it looks like the thermostat and interior light wiring run up the back then towards the front between the freezer and fridge cavities.

I would say the sides are safest, but as an alternative: I have three top-freezer units (similar to this Roger unit) in my brewery with everything (power, temp sensors, gas lines) running through the upper corners of the food compartment back walls on each. I used a pencil soldering tip to melt a hole through the liners, then probed in the cavity to make sure there wasn't anything hiding in there, then drilled through...



The condenser must stand upright in the very back of the hump area.


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