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Dec 18, 2007
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Merritt Island
I kegged about 3 gallons of my first brew ever Saturday morning and then I force carbed it. I read on here to try a line arond 6 feet long. I'm getting alot of air in my line and lots of foam. I currently have the regulator set at only 3-4 pounds and it seems to have plenty of pressure. I was reading a brew book and it says to have the line as short as possible. What is correct and what causes air in the line?
I am thinking a combination of serving pressure too low, serving temp too high, and maybe hose too short. I used to have the same problem until I used a circ fan to keep the whole fridge at the same temp. I also use about 10 feet of line at 16 psi (which is probably 14 after the check valve) and it is perfect now. Except for about the last couple mugs which get a little foamy, but still not bad.
The beer seems perfectly carbonated when drinking it. I originally had it set at 10 and the beer had more foam than I have at 3-4 pounds. I'll tinker with it a little more tonight. It will give me an excuse to pour so more beer.
Also, what's the diameter of the beer line? I found 3/16th" to be much better at reducing foaming.
The line is 3/16's. I'm guessing the temp. is about 38-40, I don't have a thermometer in there yet.
My line was coiled at the top of the fridge and the temp was 8 degrees warmer at the top. A circ fan made a big difference.

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