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Aug 7, 2007
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San Jose, CA
So I was at the LHBS over the weekend and grabbed a couple ounces of Amarillo to keg hop my IPA. Or so I thought:drunk:

I got home and instead of Amarillo I had ahtanum. Anybody have any experience with these? From what I read, it should be fine as an amarillo substitute for dry hopping. True or false?
I have used them as a cascade sub. Not exactly them same.. but still very american citus and such.. I enjoyed them.

I made a pale with Amarillo and Athanum ... turned out nice.

I would use with confidence.
This is the flavor/aroma hop used in Stone Pale Ale. If you are looking for a reference.
Thanks, everybody. Now you've made me change my mind:D I want to use these hops for my next pale ale this weekend, and use some Cascades I've got laying around for dry hopping.

Stone Pale Ale is one of the few Stone beers I have yet to try. I may grab some on my way home tonight:mug:
I was looking for this very hop, as a finishing hop, for the Stone Vertical Epic '08 recipe I'm brewing this week. I couldn't find any, locally, so I'm using some homegrown cascade instead.