AHS's Strawberry Extract Flavoring ....Anyone have any input?

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Apr 23, 2010
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Stillwater, OK
Ok - Since the holiday weekend has come and gone.....along with the 5 gal batch of strawberry blonde ale, I figured I would update this post since it has had a few views and no replies.

I went ahead and used (1) 2 oz bottle of AHS's strawberry extract flavoring in this batch. After cold crashing and using gelatin in the secondary, I split the 2 ounce bottle and poured 1 ounce into (x2) 2.5 gal cornies for the portable kegerator. I then racked the beer ontop of the flavoring and forced carbed. The beer turned out great and got rave reviews on the lake (5 gal's vanished after 3 hours of drinkin' time). The website states "Use 2 oz per 5 gallons of beer, or use 4 oz for a more aggresive flavor." I found that the 2 oz per 5 gallon batch was the perfect amount. It added a distinct nose and flavor to the beer without any off or medicinal / cough medicine characteristics. When compared to say...Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde, the flavor was more intense, as well as the nose, when comparing the strawberry notes...not the beer style. I feel using a full 4 oz (2 bottles) in a 5 gal batch would be a bit strong and could overpower the beer (just my 2 cents....do what ya like!).

After this experience with the flavoring extracts, I would use it / them again but now with more time prior to the next lake event and an increasing pipeline, I plan on playing around with some of the fresh fruit options covered in other HBT threads. :mug: