AHS Coffee Malt Stout

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Mar 29, 2007
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AHS Coffee Malt Stout


Comment by William on 01/23/2011
I brewed the extract version in March 2010. 10 months later and it is so smooth and delicious, it’s a shame I drank most of them before this point. The aroma does hint at a roasted coffee flavor. Overall, I would recommend the kit.

Comment by Jan on 05/29/2010
My best brew ever! I could trade this for my morning coffee...:) I will brew this one again and again.

Comment by Rod on 02/26/2010
This was my 47 batch and I did a partial boil mini mash (winter sucks for full boils). I brewed this News Years Eve, 2 weeks primary 1 week secondary and bottled with 3 oz of corn sugar. I was surprised that even after 1 week and carbed up the brew tasted excellent. I know it was young but . . . hey . . . what can I say. It's been 5 weeks in the bottle now and it was time for it to come out and meet the gang at Home Brew Club and it was a success. A few brewers that do not like coffee said it was excellent. The Coffee Malt (actually a roasted 2-row) gives this brew a distinct but light coffee flavor but not overpowering like you would get by actually adding real coffee. This is a dark, smooth (maltodextrin) brew with a beautiful chocolate brown head with hints of coffee and a wonderful mouth feel. "As is" a perfect Stout. I suggest you brew this one "as is" first!! It's my first house Stout.

Comment by Brian on 02/22/2010
I'm a relatively new brewer (this was my 6th kit I believe), but this was a great brew. I added in some vanilla flavoring and I'm happy I did, although I'm sure this would've been fine without it. I tried one two weeks after bottling and it wasn't quite ready. Yesterday was 4 weeks and I tried another and it was much better. I will likely brew this one again....

Comment by Dustin on 02/07/2010
Great beer…will definatly brew this one again

Comment by James on 09/02/2008
My favorite coffee stout to date, including those commercially brewed. It took quite a bit more than the suggested three week waiting time after bottling, but at six weeks it was really good and has gotten better each time I've tried it since then. Very nice burnt grain flavor with a great coffee kick.

Comment by James on 12/13/2007
Much better than I expected. It has a nice sweet mouthfeel with the light aftertaste of a fine espresso. The coffee flavor is easy to detect and it pours with a nice white head.

Comment by Shawn on 11/06/2006
This is by far the best brew I have ever made. I have been looking for something like this for two years. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys stouts or porters.

Comment by Dennis on 08/22/2006
excellent, strong stout. this is a very tasty brew, especially among coffee drinkers.