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Feb 4, 2008
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Waco, TX
Starting my 6th month of brewing here in Waco, and it only seems to get more exciting.

Glad to be here!

welcome to the forum. i am in fort worth myself. i know there are some other brewers on here from arlington, austin, and dallas.
Welcome to the group. Are there any local home brew shops in Waco? I plan on going to a graduation in May.

I'm in Amarillo, it's mail order for me. I have been to the Austin LHBS, it was nice, lots of stuff, & they also ship.

PS How did your version of the "Imperial Pale Ale" turn out?
So far, I've only completed a few batches
-American Pale Ale (Sept. 07)
-Honey Weizen (Oct. 07)
-Spiced Holiday Ale (Nov. 07)

I just started a few more, and I plan to brew one this coming weekend
-Honey Bitter (bottle conditioning)
-Lowenbrau Dark clone (nearing end of primary)
-Imperial Pale (just started the primary)
-Simple Pilsner (to be brewed this weekend)

I'd have to say that my first brew, the American Pale, remains my favorite so far.

In response to Old_Brewer, we don't have any suppliers in town, so I usually end up riding down to Austin to visit AHS late Friday afternoons since they're open pretty late. The Imperial has started fermentation as of this morning, but I'm still unsure about what to do with it.