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Jan 23, 2012
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Ok so People talk about aging their bottled home-brew but what about a aging beer in a keg what is the best way to accomplish this.
Lots of folk age their bigger beers (Barley wines etc etc) in the carboy for months. I do it and it works wonderfully. I just try to keep the temperature from swinging. Not sure about doing it in the keg, but can't imagine that it's any different. Guess I'd be sure and try to have all the oxygen purged out.
Aging in a keg is great. No light to worry about. You can purge with CO2 so no oxygenation to worry about. If you knock it over, it won't break.

Easy to grab a picnic tap and have a taste too, to see how its aging.
Ok thanks for the info. So just put it in the keg once it hits fg and purge the o2 then let it set at room temp for as long as the beer needs. Sound right?
Do you age under pressure or use the co2 to purge the tank...then force carbonate once you've aged the desired duration?

Thanks everyone
I purge the keg with co2 and then hit it with 30 psi to seat the lid, then just let it age. I force carb my kegs, so I wait to do that until i am done aging, but I do not see any reason you couldn't prime your keg like you would naturally and then age it (think of it as one big bottle).

I've done both ways, a little more hassle to prime rather than force carbonate but it does make it nice to just throw an aged and primed keg in the fridge in the morning and have it ready later in the evening.
I am brand new to kegging myself and just kegged my ESB on saturday. However I just tightened the lid without putting any CO2 in it. I need it to age for two weeks. Reading this thread, should I put some CO2 in it to insure a good seal? If so how do I do this? How much PSI? I have a ball lock, how do I know I purged the oxygen? Sorry for the generic questions on this but I am a newb when it comes to kegs.
You need to put some pressure in the keg to seal it properly. To purge the oxygen just fill it a few times and pull the safety pin.
You will still be aging if you carbonate lol