Aging La Fin Du Monde

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Sep 1, 2007
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Im gonna try my hand in aging some good beers. I picked up another bottle of Old Crustacean 2006, and I also grabbed a bottle of La Fin Du Monde. It was only $7.00, so I thought Id try it. I thought about aging it, but I didn't know if its a good beer to age. There's a best by date on the back as well. Any input about aging beers from you guys with beer cellars is greatly appreciated.
At 9% abv, I think you'll find that La Fin Du Monde will age very well if stored properly. I believe Unibroue's website states 8 years or more. I store my bottles at 55° F in a wine cooler on their sides. This may or may not be the best method but I do it out of necessity due to the limited space I have. I haven't noticed any detrimental effects on the beer using this method.
Another beer worth aging is Great Divide Brewery's Old Ruffian. 90 IBU's should allow it to age gracefully and the malty presence is fantastic straight out of the bottle.

Not too spendy either... maybe 6 or 7 bucks for a bomber.
I plan on getting a wine cooler as well. Right now, I just have them in my closet. It stays a constant 68F in there. Is that an ok temp, for the time being?
That's fine mikeyc. I'm more concerned with extreme temp fluctuations when storing beer at room temp. My condo can range from the mid-60's to the 90's depending on the time of year.
I live in a town house, and fortunately my closet stays pretty much the same temp year round. 68 to 70. Thats where I do all my fermenting and bottle conditioning. Thatnks for the imput.
Even though it's been posted on this forum before, this site is a great information source for beer aging. Just thought I'd bring it up again for those who might not have seen it yet.