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Feb 3, 2009
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Rocklin, Kalifornia
I am down to my last three bomber bottles of Scotch Ale (1060 OG) and Hefe (1048 OG). I am going to tuck these away and let them age. What would be the optimum aging time for these beers? How long is too long before they start to go bad?

edit: they will go in a closet where ambient temp is 78 to 80 during summer and 60 to 68 during winter.

I'm not a Hefe fan at all, but I do know that they are meant to be consumed fairly quickly. In otherwords, I wouldn't age the Heff, but you can let the Scotch go for a year or so.
In the Dec 07 Zymurgy He reviewed bottles of homebrew going back to the first AHC competition that he had stored, and none of them went bad, some had not held up but most of them he felt were awesome...We're talking over 20 years worth of beers.

The hefe,that's not a beer to age, but the scotch ale, properly stored in a cool dark place will be fine...

ANd beer's won't go "bad" they won't get spoiled or anything, some beer will lose certain characteristics (like hoppiness for instance) but you won't be harmed by anything that happens.
The scottish ale....most likely will go months and months if not a year. The aging... You will notice an obvious decline with each passing month...