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Aug 24, 2007
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St. John's Newfoundland
i tend not to brew with style guidelines in mind. at this point i'm just playing around with a few malts but mostly hops; i want to be more familiar with individual hops so i've only been doing single hop additions with a failry simple grain bill. but i was wondering what the general consensus might be on this last beer i just made the other night.

i'm giving you two recipes, one my target, the other, due to rather embarrassing efficiency, the actual recipe in the fermentor.

grain bill:
4.5kgs can. two-row
1k vienna
500g carastan (crystal, about 60l i think)
500g flaked oats

50g fuggles @60 4.00aa
50g fuggles @20
30g fuggles @7
20g fuggles @ flame-out

mashed at 153f in about 4.5gallon for 60 minutes, mashed out at 168 for ten, batch sparged to get 23l in the kettle

the target OG was actual og was 54. i did not make any hop adjustments for the efficiency slump. so i'm wondering what you think the recipe as i meant it to be, and what i can expect from what it really is...

any replies appreciated
That conversion does seem quite low. Most often low conversion efficiency can be traced to a poor or too coarse milling of the grains. Other potential problems to check into would be lack of calcium in the mash water and an incorrectly reading thermometer. Off hand it would appear to be a drinkable beer, in fact perhaps more so at your lower OG. I don't know what kind of flavor balance you were going for but it looks to me as if you could have used more bittering hops to counterpoint the malt. You might end up with something resembling a Scotch ale with excess hop flavor and aroma. With more bittering hop you might be into ESB territory or at your planned OG an old ale of some type. :mug: