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Dec 2, 2008
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Anyone know of a mail order that does prepares all-grain kits with everything (hops, specialty malts, yeast, etc) but not the base malts? I have nearly 50 lbs of malted barley, wheat, and rye but am too lazy to formulate recipes and buy everything individually. I seem to recall years ago there was one outfit that made them...but can't find it online anymore

Any help is appreciated!
Just my recommendation to get you the end result you are looking for:
1) Find kit recipes you like at Northern/MoreBeer/etc - they have the recipes as PDFs
2) Add the specialty malts, hops, yeast to your cart (just omit the base malts)
3) Enjoy brew day!
Once you have a recipe, then it's usually just as inexpensive to order the stuff separately. And you can find recipes all over the internet and on the links at the top of this page.

You say you have the base malt, so you are most of the way there for the larger part of your fermentable expenses.

I've found that Morebeer lets me order small quantities of malts or hops with little issue. Though I'm not really looking for the best "bargain" out there.
I agree with hotbeer. Pick up a copy of "Brewing Classic Styles" and order what you don't have from those recipes. Or try some clone books. You'll have better luck than finding incomplete kits.
Bitter & Esters in NYC will sell grain by the oz. They will Crush it , not-crush, or double crush. Grains can be separated or all in 1 bag. I live in Florida and buy a majority of my supplies there. The service is good and quick. They answer the phone when you call. You will pay for shipping. They have lots of recipes on their site & many are from NYC breweries.