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Jan 5, 2008
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Ok I brewed my first batch ever Christmas day of “Brewers Best” German Oktoberfest. I tried it for the first time yesterday 2 bottles and I was very happy with its color, smell, flavor, bubbles but the head was very small! That what my wife said!! hahaha
Here is the problem I tried one more tonight and the initial taste is fine but it has a bitter after taste is it the beer or just my palate tonight?

Any suggestions?
I had some oct.fest last night, and it had a wonderfully bitter finish. I'm not sure what your recipe called for... you remember what kind of hops you added, how much and when? It may be just perfect. Or if you had the hops off a bit, it could be a little more bitter than it should. That's the beauty of homebrewing! Make notes on the tastes and looks and feels now, and then adjust your recipe or methods to make your changes in the beer.
Did you just bottle it? Unless it has been aging for at least a couple of weeks, expect 'green' beer to lack head and to have a bit of 'yeast bite' in the finish. When I bottle, I try to not sample anything before 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the style of beer. Some won't get REALLY good for a many weeks or months.