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Jun 26, 2021
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Hello everyone!

I recently decided to get into kegging. The regulator I purchased was hooked up properly, started to expel gas, then stopped. Since then no gas will travel through the outlet. Not sure what I did wrong.

Tank is plenty full of gas, the first gauge shows lots of co2 left. The second gauge shows 10-12 psi, depending on how far I turn it. I have tried turning it off, detaching and reattaching the regulator from the co2 tank. The release valve expels gas when I pull it as well. I've fiddled with the shut-off valve and from what I can see staring inside with a flashlight, it seems to be moving when I turn it. Any advice? I've searched all over for someone else with this kind of problem and haven't been able to find a similar issue. Thanks!
How do you have the regulator attached to the kegs? Manifold? Have you checked the gas-in connector to the keg to make sure co2 comes out of it? Silly questions, maybe, but sometimes the simplest thing is the culprit. No lines pinched?
I recently decided to get into kegging.
Nothing was mentioned about kegs...

hmm, maybe not? :mug: even when i presurize my dead line for burst carbing with my spify dual body it makes noise just filling the 7 or so feet of line....

edit i mean if he's not got it hooked up to kegs? is he blowing up led zepplins?
Just saying, there literally was no mention of actually hooking up a keg so far.
I'm a dyed for life engineer. I don't assume...

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