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Sep 9, 2005
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Loveland, CO
I'm getting ready to brew a SNPA clone (AG) and have purchased the ingredients. The hops I bought has a different AA than the recipe ingredients. I've tried to figure out the adjustment but am having trouble with it. I converted to grams (28.35 per oz) in my calculations because i could only come close in grams on my scale.

the recipe calls for 1oz Perle 9.2%s for 90 min, the HBS had it at 8.2%; my calculation was 31 grams of the HBS hops.
The recipe calls for.8 oz Cascade 3.3% for 15 min, the HBS had it at 6.3; my calculation was 6 grams of HBS hops.
The recipe also calls for 1.2 oz Cascade 3.3% for 5 min, the HBS had it at 6.3; my caculation was 15 grams of HBS hops.
The recipe calls for 1 oz. Cascade 3.3% dry hop in secondary. 6.3% from the HBS; my calculation was 12 grams of HBS hops.

Estimated bitterness is 37 IBU

I'd appreciate a backup calculation on this.

I'm running Beer Smith but I couldn't find a way to recalculate this hop bill there.
With BeerSmith, it might be easier to adjust the boil times rather than adjusting the hop quantities. Just know what your weights are that you are going to boil and then tweak the boil time for each hop addition until you get in the IBU range you are looking for...
For your late additions, use the specified amount regardless of AA. They are for flavor and aroma and add a minimal amount of bittering. If you reduce your 15, 5, and dry hop additions, you will NOT have a Sierra Nevada clone, just a mildly hoppy beer.

*edit: As a matter of fact, I have no hard numbers, but the lower AA on your bittering addition is so slight that the higher AA on your 15 and 5 additions just might make up the few IBUs your short from the bittering addition. I can run it through beersmith for you, but I need your OG.

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