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Dec 20, 2007
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Dublin, NH
I live in NH, and in an older building. My apartment is routinely in the mid-60s F temperature, and I know yeast works best closer to 70F. Is there a way to adjust for the colder temperature, or should I get something like a space heater for my brewing setup?
They make a brew belt. It's a small electric heater that straps around the charboy to help keep temp stable. Check LHBS.
My house is cold, so my ales ferment at the lower end of the range at 60-62 degrees. This works well, and I try to use yeast that like those lower temperatures like Nottingham (dry) and Pacific ale yeast (liquid). Still, I think most ale yeasts would be happy in the mid-60s rather than warmer.
You could also go with a Kolsch yeast. It works best between 56F & 64F. I've even taken it as low 50F.

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