Adding just liquid of bourbon soaked oak chips to imperial stout

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Oct 8, 2021
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I have bought medium toast french oak chips that I plan to add to my imperial stout. I looked into some methods on how to best do it and found this video where he soaks chips in bourbon for a week or so and then adds only the liquid to beer at kegging or bottling (he uses bourbon barrel chips, but I assume that it would also apply in my case).

But most of the other resources I have seen on internet suggests adding both chips and liquid or only soaked chips to beer instead.

I intuitively like first method better, because then I could prepare larger amount of chips solution and experiment with adding different amounts of soaked liquid to small samples of beer to find best ratio instead of just dumping it all in and hoping for best.

So my question is would I gain anything by doing other methods of adding both liquid and chips or just chips to beer instead? Like would I miss on some more complex flavors or other benefits?

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Apr 14, 2020
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Huntsville, AL
I'll preface this by saying I have no experience with oak-aging beer.

That being said, I like your preferred approach, for the same reasons you point out: better control over the final product, allowing you to dial in the oakiness and bourbonness (two words I just made up) exactly where you want them.